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Frustrated with the level of ignorance…

Today I read this publication and it really upset me on a personal level. It bothered me so much that I wrote a letter to The Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board.

I am writing to you today in regards to GMO products & terminator seeds. I’m extremely frustrated with the Canadian government’s level of apathy or ignorance concerning this issue. In what realm of reality does it sound like a good idea to plant crops that are pesticide resistant, or from which seeds that are produced are sterile? Sterile offspring are nature’s way of saying this is not natural and should not be happening. A horse & donkey can mate genetically, but their offspring (a mule) cannot reproduce, so if all horses and donkeys continued to mate only with each other then the result would be the loss of horses & donkeys from the world. This is not okay, so why does the Canadian government feel it’s okay to do with our foods? Why is the government allowing companies like Monsanto to force such asinine “technology” onto us? Diversity is the key to survival, natural selection leads to strong, hearty crops, why limit our crop diversity so that it could easily be eradicated when something, we hadn’t planned on, comes around and wipes out all the crops?

Why is the government allowing these foods onto our grocery store shelves unlabelled? Why isn’t the government listening to what the people want? 88% of Canadians are against GMO foods & want them labelled but our government is simply ignoring us because their wallets are being fattened up by companies like Monsanto. I assure you good sir that you’re eating the same foods as we are, and I’m sure you & your family will be or have been affected by the same health issues that we are facing due to eating these “food” products. Issues like infertility, auto immune diseases, cancer, and obesity. Most of which are in directly linked to our hormones, and these GE products mess with our hormones.

Are you not aware of what has been going on in India since the government has forced farmers to buy GM seeds? Monsanto has created crops that need more rainfall & crops that can be so easily wiped out by pests. Take the BT Cotton for instance a plant which creates it’s own pesticide that is poisonous to insects, animals & human beings. Farmers, poor rural farmers, buy these super expensive seeds, because they’ve been told they are way better then the seeds they’ve been using, and due to weather or pests their crops die. They can’t even collect the seeds to use for next year because they’re sterile. So they have to go and buy more expensive seeds, taking on debt they’ll never be able to pay off, because they can no longer use the seeds of crops they’ve grown for 1000’s of years. I’m not a scientist, nor a farmer but even I can see the issues of such an idiotic idea. Monsanto doesn’t want to help feed the world, they want to make money, and they are making money off poor, helpless, ignorant people because their government has failed them. They are destroying the environment, and contributing to the poor health of humanity for profit.

I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or greed that is making governments blind to the dangers of these companies. The same companies who created chemicals used in warfare are genetically engineering the foods we eat. Do you not see the problem with this? You need to start listening to the people who put you where you are today. We want GMO everything banned, and we want products containing GMOs labelled. Where in the definition of democracy does it say that large corporations have more rights than the citizens? You’re supposed to protect us, fight & uphold our rights & freedoms. That’s your job, and it’s what you’re getting paid to do, if I didn’t do my job I’d be fired.

We have the right to know what’s in our foods, and we have the right to say no to GMO products on our grocery store shelves. So many countries are banning GMO crops & foods, why are we not with them? Even the American States are starting to stand up an say NO, I think it’s time we do the same on a country wide level.

Thank you for your time.

Someone once told me if you let your anger override your emotions, you’ve already lost the battle. I tried really hard not to insult him, I want him to think about the issue at hand and change his stance. I realize my rant might fall on the deaf ears of our government, or I may stumble into some troubles for voicing my views in such a candid manor, but I’m hoping that the people who are reading this right now are going to start looking into what I’ve said in this letter, in other posts and maybe we can start standing up in solidarity to effect the changes we would like to see in this world.

SAY NO TO GMO, vote with your money buy products that are safe for your family to eat. Buy local, grow you own.

Still frustrated, but I will keep you posted about his response.

***UPDATE*** May 9th, 2012… haven’t even gotten a response to my email. Good News is I haven’t been kidnapped either. LOL

***UPDATE*** June 8th, 2012… It’s been a month, for shame The Honourable Gerry Ritz. I doubt I will ever hear back from him. Our tax dollars at work here people. UGH!

***UPDATE*** July 12, 2012… I finally received a reply. I have been a bit busy but he did get back to me. It sounds so reassuring…

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