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Close to home… The non-browning Apple.

The non-browning apple… seriously? What the heck is the point, besides poisoning people with things that should never exist in an apple in the first place.

As I said in my letter to my M.P. “Just as there is no way to guarantee a no peeing section in a public pool, there is no way to protect the integrity of the non-gmo fruit trees.”

An exert from the article I just finished reading:

How is the apple engineered?

The company has silenced a gene in the apple that controls browning by inserting a range of genetic sequences – Modified apple DNA is inserted along with genetic sequences from at least three different species:

  1. A regulatory gene switch from a plant virus (Cauliflower Mosaic virus promoter: CaMV 35S);
  2. A terminator sequence from a bacterium (Agrobacterium tumefaciens taken from its Nopaline synthase gene: nos);
  3. An antibiotic resistance marker gene from a bacterium (Streptomyces kanamyceticus), here the nptII gene (which confers resistance to the antibiotic kanamycin).

Doesn’t sound too appetizing does it? I’ll stick to my browning apples thank you very much!

If you want to do something about this please take the time to write to your MP they need to stand up for our rights to eat non-gmo food and to protect our local fruit growers.

Fore more Information about the non-browning apple click HERE & HERE

To find out who your Member of Parliament is (using your postal code) click HERE

As always thank you for reading!


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