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Making you’re own…

Hey guys!

Just a quick one for today…

A friend sent me a link to a site for home made toner and I wanted to share it here with you. There’s no point in focusing solely one what you’re putting into your body you need to think about what you’re putting onto your body as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

I was reading the comments and one lady shared her crochet patter for make-up remover pads. Which I think is great because I hate using the cotton pads. They fall apart and leave me with fibers in my eyes, the same goes for cotton balls, and tissue leaves the skin around my eyes feeling like I’ve used sandpaper instead.

SO I made myself a few and they work really well… here’s the pattern. They are quick to make, and you can throw them in with your laundry.

I think this post calls for a BOOOYAH!

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!


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