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Follow the Post…

How many of you become intrigued by a post on facebook whose comments leads to hours of other websites & blog posts? It can be an eye opening experience, being the sponge for knowledge that I am I’m always fascinated with where such posts take me.

Today it was this picture…

The Cure

Attached to this image was this link.

In the comments section of this blog was this link, then proceeded to locate the documentary with full intentions of watching it. It’s available in a number of places on the web.

I then went back to the Facebook post to read the comments left by others.

Here’s the first link I found there:

Cancer Research Fraud

This article brings up some interesting thoughts. Who stands to gain or lose the most if a real cure is actually found. Finding a cure would result in large corporations going belly up & hundreds, maybe thousands of people out of work.

Then there’s the science, now I’m no expert but basic science tells us that replication is a crucial part of scientific discoveries. Can someone else repeat the process & get the same results? According to this article a large portion of these studies do not yield the same results.

Modern “medicine” is a money grab, how many times have you gone to the doctor and left with a prescription without having any kind of tests done? I am a firm believer that diet & lifestyle are major factors in our health and wellbeing, how many doctors prescribe lifestyle changes before they prescribe pills with side effects?

Getting back on the topic of the facebook post the next link I followed was this one…

Ancient Healing

Which gets us back on the actual topic of the above image. Why is Cannabis illegal? This question led me to this site. Quite the interesting read about the history Cannabis. So, it’s being illegal is based on racism essentially, followed by industrial competition(I’m lumping in the medical system here) hmmm interesting.

I then came across a Canadian connection… Someone commented about googling Rick Simpson, so I did and I found this video. It’s about an hour long and filled with all kinds of information regarding the healing ability of Hemp oil, not to be confused with Hemp Seed oil. This video then lead me to Rick’s website.

I’m left with the question why isn’t anything being done about this? Is it all bull crap? Again I ask you who benefits most from this being swept under the rug? People are sick & dying and here is potential cure why aren’t they doing anything to help move this along? According to Rick’s video it’s not only curing cancer but it’s healing all sorts of diseases that plague us.

The next link is one for the National Cancer Institute’s website about its studies on Cannabis & Cannabinoids and their Anti-tumor Effects, use as an Appetite Stimulation, and Analgesia. Not exactly an exciting read, but helps give some validity beyond what people are claiming.

So, that’s how I spent my Sunday morning, a couple cups of coffee & a little running around on the internet. Gained a bunch of information, and even more questions.

If you have anything to add please feel free to leave me a comment.

Happy Sunday


  1. Dorothy
    January 30, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Good Job Lady !

    Have you tripped across any information on what companies are actually “honest” in there labelling of using non gmo ingridients..even for raw items like wheat…heritage non high gluten wheat that is ? Or companies wich are non gmo, non animal testing and organic…I find it challening to find all three of these pre requisites all together.

    Look forward to your thoughts,


    • March 11, 2013 at 10:13 am

      My best advice is to buy local, talk to the shop owners. Call the 1-800 numbers on the packages and ask them your questions directly. I do a lot of my shopping at Save-on, not only do they have a good selection of organic foods, but they also support local producers who care about the products they are putting out. I remember seeing an image on facebook about who owns who, so I will locate it and post it to this site. Please check back. I hope that helps.

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