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Follow the money, who are you really voting for?

A recent comment reminded me of a post I saw on Facebook a few days ago.
This post led me to a pretty cool website.

Do you know which big corporations own organic companies? Where is your hard-earned money really going when you choose to buy organic products? Probably to line the pockets of a big fat cat that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Or maybe I’m being too harsh, perhaps it’s their way of getting involved and supporting the choice to eat real food.

I think the best way to know where you’re money is going is to buy local as much as you can, do your research, talk to people, or take a little trip through Google. Here is a collection of images I found online by simply googling “who owns organic companies.”

10 Large Corporations

10 Large Corporations

godqhrthsu61  who-owns-organics1

While looking through Google I also stumbled upon this blogger. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to send me a comment.


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