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Please spread this blog post…

Hello everyone,

Today I’m not going to be writing about food, our health, or anything I’ve blogged about in the past. This blog post is about the dogs that have been going missing here in central Alberta, right in my own back yard, possibly your back yard. Here’s the ugly truth people… there is a dog fighting ring here in Edmonton. They are stealing dogs from people’s yards & farms to use as bait dogs. These dogs are being tortured, even killed for the entertainment of sick disgusting people. Someone has seen these fights, someone is helping to steal these dogs, and someone has over heard someone bragging about it. So let’s do something about it. Let’s raise awareness by utilizing our social media. Let those in positions of power & celebrity know that we will not stand for this, those who are involved, including spectators, need to be made an example of. I don’t just want to sit here and talk about it, let’s do something about it. I want your input & your ideas of how we can come together to put an end to this. We need to protect our creatures, it is our responsibility as decent human beings. Please comment, send me a message, write me an email or call me with any ideas of how to move forward with this, it’s got to stop and I’m willing to do something about it.

I know not all of you who read this blog are Albertan or even Canadian, but you can help too, you have ideas & information to share and I am urging you to share anything you think may be helpful to get the word out, an action to take, someone to contact etc.

This is a call to action, a battle cry if you will.

Thanks for reading, please spread this blog post far and wide, reblog it, tweet it, facebook it, email it, send it to your local news. Do what you have to do to make people aware, and put a stop to the dogs that are going missing. Bring about justice for those who have already lost their dogs, and prevent it from happening.


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