Homemade Sunscreen… Finally!

Today is the day! I’m finally making the sunscreen I’ve been going on about for the last couple of months. My dear blog readers you have been spared but I’ve worn out my friends’ ears about this recipe. Which you can find right HERE.

I’m super excited! I can’t wait to test this stuff out, and hopefully the hot days of summer here in Alberta aren’t yet over. 🙂

I’m starting out with raspberry seed oil, mango butter, beeswax & z-cote (ZINC) hydrophilic & vit E capsules.

The raspberry seed oil I purchased online @ Emily’s Oils. She was by far the best price & most reasonable shipping. Ordering was easy & shipping was fast. The mango butter & z-cote I also ordered online from a store in Calgary, Alberta called Soap & More. Again the best prices I found & reasonable shipping. The beeswax & the containers I found here locally @ Optimum Health Vitamins & More. If you have empty containers feel free to use them instead of buying them. Oh, and I used my vit E capsules (about 12 of them) for this recipe.

I’m going to include a bunch of pictures because I find visual references helpful.

The Beeswax

The Mango Butter

The Raspberry Seed Oil

The Vit E Oil

The Z-cote (Zinc)

The Small Containers

Double Boiler all set up.

Smaller Pot

Attempting to cut the beeswax

Melting the beeswax worked much easier.

All melted, time to add the vit E & zinc, after letting it cool for about 5-10 minutes.

Vit E, I used about 12 capsules to fill that teaspoon.

This is how we get the oil out.

Nearly full.

This is what it looked like after whisking in the zinc powder.

All the containers full!

Things I learned making this recipe:

  1. Go to the second hand store to buy your supplies, as they are hard to clean afterwards. I spent a good portion of my time cleaning the utensils I used. I am going to build a “kit” for making this & other recipes. My list includes: a medium-small stainless steel bowl (will work as my double boiler) a small whisk, measuring spoons, something with a bit of a spout for pouring hot liquids & a tote or container to put all of my supplies in.
  2. This recipe is easier to clean up when it’s still liquid.
  3. The amount of product created is more that I thought. I ended up using the two containers I bought plus the container the mango butter came in.
  4. Beeswax is really hard to cut, as you can see in the above images I ended up melting directly in the pot. I suggest buying it in smaller pieces if you can.

This recipe says to let it cool over night… so I’m excited to try it tomorrow. I am concerned that putting it on my face will cause me to break out, but I’ll let you know how that goes too.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. MJZ
    July 16, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    How’d it go!! Did you break out? Was it a success?!

    • July 18, 2013 at 10:38 am

      Hi there,
      It turned out, but it remained sticky & turned me whiter than I already am. It did work but I couldn’t get passed the stickiness. Rocky Mountain Soap Company just released their natural sunscreen so I’d like to give it a try. At the moment I’m using Green Beaver’s natural sunscreen and I like it. Non sticky, non whitening works super awesome.

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