Here is where I’m compiling all the websites & blogs I’m reading, so that you can look into them for yourself. Knowledge is power… the more you know the better decisions you are able to make.


July 2012

After a conversation with a friend last Saturday I’d like to share this link with everyone I know in the Edmonton Area ~ The Organic Box I’m going to be starting my account soon!

Finally, thanks to a friend in Calgary, I now have access to Organic, Canadian Beef. Fantastic! Another great thing… their prices are OUTSTANDING!
If you’re interested please call Muriel Biggs @ 780-967-5473 (M-F 9-5) or email her @ any time.

Information on the health benefits of pasture raised, grass fed, organic beef ~ HERE

I stumbled upon another site to help people locate local foods in Canada, and again ran into the same problem… it’s not for all of Canada! How frustrating! ~ Green Belt Fresh

FINALLY something for Albertans! ~ Alberta Farm Fresh
You can request a map with all the participating farms of Alberta.

June 2012

Adventures in Country Living ~ Home-made Liquid Hand Soap

May 2012

Although my blog has been on a hiatus over the last few weeks, I’ve still been reading a lot of other people’s blogs. Here’s a few blogs I’ve stumbled upon this month.

Urban Green Survival

Homestead Survival

Apartment Prepper’s Blog

Wake Up World

April 2012


Greater Good

King Corn Documentary

Local Harvest  (ONLY for Ontario) which sucks because I live in Alberta.

Organic Manifesto

What’s on my Food

Friends Eat

Monsanto Tumbles

Global Healing Center

Healing Food Reference

Herb Reference

Supplement Reference

Here are some websites from the States that are fighting for the right to know what’s in their food.

If  you know of any Canadian sites please let me know, I’d like to share them here!

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